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Welcome to Work Your Quirks.

The official homepage for Dr. Quirk, the licensed psychologist who teaches people how to embrace, refine, and Work their Quirks.

Click on each circle to learn how to work each area of your life.


What Does It Mean to Work Your Quirks?

We believe that our quirks don't just make us different - they make us integral to the world around us. The Dr. Quirk Project is all about teaching people how to heal wounds, refine strengths, and use their quirks to their advantage. Your power rests in your quirks!

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Meet the Quirks

Dr. Patrick Quirk and Dr. Margaret Bibb Quirk are a married couple of clinical psychologists, each with more than 30 years of clinical experience.  They own and operate Longwood Psychological Center, a large multidisciplinary mental health practice in Huntsville Alabama.

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Business Conference
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The Quirks speak at colleges, businesses, and conferences.

Bring your class, team, or audience a fresh perspective from an experienced psychologist.

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