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creating family community in the face of

Creating Family Community in the Face of Divorce; Remarriage and Blended Families

Sometimes divorce is the only option. If a couple simply cannot resolve the issues which make them unhappy, then a good divorce is better than a bad marriage. We have certainly seen many marriages where one or both parties are not able to make the changes necessary to create a functional and happy marriage. The complex issue is creating a successful divorce. If you had trouble creating family community when you were married, it is often very challenging to create that sense of family community in divorce. But it is very important that you try.

However, it also true that in the case of at least half of the couples we see, one or both of the parties have been to see an attorney. Surprisingly, in the majority of those cases we can help them to resolve their issues and rediscover loving unity in their marriage. Often it takes the looming reality of an impending divorce to get some people to really look at their own role in their marital problems.Each individual brings their own “baggage” from childhood or an earlier marriage which unintentionally intrudes on the current marriage. So, even if you do divorce, use this opportunity to resolve your own issues, so that you are more likely to be successful in another marriage and so that you can deal with your ex-spouse more effectively.Divorce creates difficulties for both of the divorcing parties, children, grandparents, and future spouses and their families. So, it is important to be vigilant about the problems the divorce can create and do all you can to prevent or intervene on them quickly when they appear. So, especially if you have children, in some ways you are still a family and have to do the best you can to create a loving Family Community.Creating Family Community in the Face of Divorce…Remarriage and Blended Families is a Real Life Collection of our weekly columns related to this topic. From our family to yours, we hope you find these columns helpful and encouraging.

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