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Dance to the Music of Life; Awaken Your Inner Hero

Dr. Pat comments: My life’s passion has been understanding life and human experience. Writing has become my art for expressing that passion. Striving to express human experience requires that I fully engage in those experiences. To do that, I have to face and integrate denied aspects of my history and myself.

Dr. Margaret comments: My life’s passion has been joyfully celebrating life and human relationships. As we have shared a number of times in our column, music has a powerful connection to emotion. After 30 years, playing and singing in my band is more important than ever for expressing myself and allowing me to be real.


A retired engineer, Margaret’s dad is the sound man for her band and makes all the electronic gizmos for her band. All of his gizmos are works of art. And the opportunity to express his art in a way that is helpful to others and provides connection to them keeps him vital and seeming much younger than his eighty years. We recommend that if you have an art, allow it to be an authentic expression of yourself. If you don’t have an art, discover one. Yours may be more in the realm of human activity or creating some sort of product, but whether you are making a quilt or coaching the kids’ swim team, engaging fully and joyfully in the activity and expressing your individual style within it will help to nurture your authentic self.

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