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Mental Health Issues; The Struggle for Peace and Joy Within

Mental health is most critical experience any of us can possess. We are fragile beings in a complex and difficult world and there are many factors which challenge our mental health. For many, due to damaging worldly experiences or flawed biochemistry, the struggle to achieve and maintain mental health is overwhelming and discouraging. Peace, joy, and self-worth can be illusive or unknown to those who suffer with these disorders.

Mental Health suffering is not limited to those with the disorders. Those who love those with mental health issues suffer significantly as well. It’s been wisely said that it’s hard for a parent to be any happier than their saddest child.


In our work training medical students and medical residents they are often required to present a “bio-psycho-social” assessment of their patients. This is to teach them to conceptualize their patients not just in terms of physical ailments, but as complex systems where these aspects of self merge and are not in fact discrete separate experiences. The phrase “mind, body, spirit” expands the model to recognize the spiritual aspect of our mental health.In this book we share stories related to many aspects of the struggle with mental health issues. We hope you find these Real Life stories interesting and useful.

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