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Awaken Your Inner Hero with Theatrical Therapy


The value of theatre to awaken one’s best self, dates back to soon after humans mastered fire. Once early humans were able to sit up in the warm, safe glow of their tribal fire they began to recount as well as act out the exploits of the day.

This early theatre had much the same value as modern theatre, in that the actors and the audience could escape the stressful nature of their lives while experiencing their lives, all at the same time. The grueling and traumatic effect of the day’s hunt was transformed into an exciting and courageous adventure. The audience was entertained, inspired and became more appreciative of their meal and their hunters.

The bleak nature of everyone’s lives was raised to greater significance and meaning. This primitive theatre unified the tribe with a greater sense of shared identity and purpose. Admirable traits of heroic bravery and commitment to the group were modeled for children. Heroes were created. asy.

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